Gli ebrei e il football in Inghilterra

Anthony Clavane
Does Your Rabbi Know You're Here?
The Story of English Football's Forgotten Tribe
London, Quercus, 2012
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Jews don’t do football. Or, at least, they don’t play it. This, at any rate, is the myth. Apart from the relatively recent appearance of high-profile foreign owners like Roman Abramovich, Randy Lerner and the Glazers, the Jewish impact on the game has appeared to be on the light side. Anthony Clavane uncovers a secret history of Jewish involvement in English football. Featuring interviews with fans, directors, agents, hangers-on, players and managers it analyses and explains, but above all it entertains. Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here? takes a long hard look at how and why Jews – from Gutmann to Grant, from Goldberg to Glazer – have changed the game; and been changed by it in turn.

Colin Shindler, The Indipendent