Joy is Round

Jessica Hilltout
Grassroots Football
Ian Brower and David Goldblatt (Foreword)
Cape Town, TradeMark, 2010
Scheda | Anteprima | Immagini | Video: 01-02-03

This book pays homage to Africa. It is a tribute to the forgotten, to the majority. All the people who live and will remain in the shadow of the 2010 World Cup deserve to have a light shone on them, not just for their passion for the game, but more so for the fundamental energy and enthusiasm that shines through the way they live.

The aim of Amen was to shine the light on all those in the shadow of the World Cup, far from the big stadiums and the corporate carnival-nature of the event. To embrace Africa and everything that makes it unique. To speak of the authenticity and sheer ingeniousness of a continent that manages to do so much with so little. To capture people with simple needs and huge hearts. To express football in its purest form. "Football is accessible to anyone who can make a rag ball and find another pair of feet to pass it to," said David Goldblatt ... It is the glue that binds village to village, tribe to tribe and people to people. "In Africa football is not a religion but it's everything a religion should be. Amen" (Ian Brower).