The Beautiful Team

Garry Jenkins
The Beautiful Team
In search of Pelé and the 1970 Brazilians
London, Simon & Schuster, 1998
Scheda | Anteprima

To football fans everywhere, the 1970 Brazilians were - and remain - the Beautiful Team. In winning the World Cup of that year in Mexico they lifted the game to levels of skill, sophistication and style it has never recaptured since. Garry Jenkins set out in search of that unforgettable eleven in a journey that took him from the chaotic cabinet room of Pelé's Sports Ministry in Brasilia to the home of the reclusive Tostão in Belo Horizonte, from Carlos Albertos's soccer school in Rio to the São Paulo garage where Félix is stil defending his calamitous contributions to the campaign. As the team recall their triumph and describe what made them and their style of play so special, Jenkins shows what their win meant both to Brazil and the wider footballing world. As colourful as the Brazilian culture itself, "The Beautiful Team" is a fascinating - and often touching - collection of personal histories and a celebration of the most revered team the world has ever known.