Chapman Heritage

Herbert Chapman on football
London, Garrick Publishing Co., 1934 (prima edizione)

Herbert Chapman on football. The reflections of Arsenal greatest manager
Chatam, GCR Books, 2010

Chapman was the first, and arguably the greatest, of the 'modern' managers during the 1920s and 30s, when he achieved huge success with first, Huddersfield Town and then, Arsenal. His revolutionary style of coaching changed the face of football. Here he discusses many aspects of his profession, including how to build a team and how to deal in the transfer market. He also deals with his early playing career from 1897. All very interesting.

Herbert Chapman entered into football management by accident. Everything he did thereafter was pure genius. Light years ahead of his time Chapman was to revolutionize professional football and the sport as an entertainement industry. Chapman ideas were visionary but many took years to be accepted by the Football Association. He advocated numbered shorts, white footballs, the ten-yard semi-circle, floodlit matches, better refereeing and a plan for improving the England team.

Herbert Chapman on football is an accumulation of articles Chapman wrote for The Sunday Express. It was first published after his premature death in 1934.

Brian Dawes, Arsenal World